SUM Program Dictations and Report Lengths

This page of the web site has downloadable Microsoft Word files for each of unit in The SUM Program which provide a detailed list of all reports included and the length (in minutes and seconds of each report. Each report is identified by its number and title. The assigned and lines columns are purposely left blank for use by classroom instructors.


Assigned column: Teachers can enter the due date in this column and print the table for students to use. Schools can also include the table when applying for AAMT/ACCP MT program approval. Just put a check mark in the assigned column for the reports assigned to your students to support the 40-hour authentic dictation requirement.

Lines: Since everyone counts lines differently, we did not fill in this column. If you give a copy of the tables to your students, they can record the lines based on whatever counting method you prefer so that both you and the student may keep track of their production in lines. The length of time it takes the student to transcribe a report or specialty unit could be added to determine lines per hour.

Note: The lengths for individual reports listed in these tables are based on the built-in wav player on a Macintosh computer. Each report could be a few seconds longer or shorter than the stated length.

Beginning Medical Transcription, 2nd ed. Dictations and Reports Lengths

Beginning Medical Transcription (Classic ed.) Report Inventory with Lengths

Surgery Transcription Unit (intermediate-level) Dictations and Report Lengths

SUM Program (five) advanced units, Dictations and Report Lengths