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Quantity    Cost    Product - Medical Transcription Education
    The SUM Program
$60 CD - Beginning Medical Transcription, 2nd ed.
$60 USB Flash Drive - Beginning Medical Transcription, 2nd ed.
$48 CD - Surgery Transcription Unit (Intermediate)
$48 USB Flash Drive - Surgery Transcription Unit (Intermediate)
$100 CD - Advanced Medical Transcription, 2nd ed.
$100 USB Flash Drive - Advanced Medical Transcription, 2nd ed.
$208 USB Flash Drive - All - Beginning + Surgery + Advanced
    Textbooks and Workbooks
$25 The Medical Transcription Workbook - Print
$25 The Medical Transcription Workbook - Electronic
$34 H&P
$36 Human Diseases
$38 Laboratory Tests
$100 Bundle of 4 Workbooks
    Career Development Series
$25 Radiology
$25 ESL
$25 Pathology
$25 Acute Care 1
$25 Acute Care 2
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