About Health Professions Institute (HPI)

Health Professions Institute (HPI) is a private development and publishing company serving the medical transcription community. Since its inception in 1985, under the visionary leadership of president and owner Sally Crenshaw Pitman, HPI has been a force for positive change in the industry by improving the quality of patient documentation through better medical transcription education.

HPI has published numerous important medical transcription references, textbooks, periodicals, software, and seminars, and has brought about a revolution in the way medical transcriptionists are educated. HPI developed The SUM Program for Medical Transcription Training for students in virtually all environments: colleges; post-secondary vocational training centers; on the job; and through self-directed study. The SUM Program is recognized throughout the English-speaking world as the best and most effective program of its kind.

HPI meets not only the needs of students but teachers as well. A free Teacher's Manual is available to instructors interested in implementing The SUM Program. This manual contains information on recommended classes, course objectives and descriptions, textbooks, reading assignments, and includes many articles filled with sage advice that will help streamline the organizational process of teaching.

HPI also publishes Vera Pyle's Current Medical Terminology. This long-time favorite of experienced medical transcriptionists (updated every two years) is sometimes called "the silver book" or "Vera's book" and has been in publication since 1985. Beginning with the 11th edition in 2007, this favorite reference is now published in electronic format. 

The e-magazine Perspectives on the Medical Transcription Profession is also published by HPI. It contains timely articles of interest to medical transcription practitioners, students, business owners, and managers.


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HPI's business hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time.


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