Free Teacher's Manual and Articles for Teachers

Download The Teacher's Manual, 5th ed.,

Updated May 2010 (235 pages, 2 MB)


Contents of The Teacher's Manual

Instructions for the Teacher

Beginning Course Descriptions and Outlines
Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Terminology
Medical Science
Human Diseases OR Disease Processes
Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures in Medicine I
Beginning Medical Transcription Practice/Professional Issues
Assignment Grid for Beginning Medical Transcription

Intermediate Course Descriptions and Outlines

Surgical Procedures
Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures in Medicine II
Intermediate Medical Transcription Practice
Assignment Grid for Surgical Transcription Unit

Advanced Course Descriptions and Outlines
Advanced Medical Transcription Practice


Resource Articles for Medical Transcription Teachers
A supplement to The Teacher’s Manual

Curriculum and Program Design
Ellen Drake;  Planning A Curriculum: An Overview
Ellen Drake;  Teaching Professionalism and Ethics
Janet Stiles;  Teaching Medicolegal Issues
Randy Drake;  Communications Technologies for Health Professions
Brenda Hurley;  Communications Technologies for Health Professions
Ellen Drake;  Practicums:  Giving Your Students a Taste of Real Life
Ellen Drake;  Free Advice Is Priceless:  Working with MT Program Advisory Committees
Georgia Green;  The Virtual Classroom:  MT Education on the Internet

Teaching Methodologies
Marcy Diehl;  Teaching the Use of Reference Books
Marcy Diehl;  Teaching Study Skills, Part 1
Marcy Diehl;  Teaching Study Skills, Part 2
Marcy Diehl;  Teaching Punctuation
Marcy Diehl;  Helping Students Perfect On-screen Editing
Ellen Drake;  Teaching Medical Terminology
Ellen Drake;  Using Storytelling to Teach and Learn Medical Terminology

Evaluation and Grading
Marcy Diehl;  Writing Exams
Marcy Diehl;  Midterm Examinations and Evaluations
Marcy Diehl;  Final Examinations
Marcy Diehl;  Outside Information Assignment
Susan Turley;  All of the Above: Writing Test Questions
Georgia Green;  A New Screening Tool: The Writing Sample
Georgia Green; Create Your Own Test Bank
Georgia Green;  Cloze Encounters of the Transcription Kind
Judith Marshall;  Would I Hire Your Students?
Linda Campbell;  Grading Guidelines
Linda Campbell;  Error Diagnostics

Organization Tips
Marcy Diehl;  Organizing Your Materials
Marcy Diehl;  Instructional Handouts
Marcy Diehl;  Student Work Folders
Marcy Diehl;  How to Sharpen Your Course Syllabus
Marcy Diehl;  Obstacles to Success
Susan Turley;  Great Beginnings: What to Do on the First Day
Susan Turley;  The Paper Tiger
Ellen Drake;  To Copy or Not to Copy: Using Copyrighted Material

Educationalese and Marketing
Gordon & Grimes;  Educational Terminology 101 for New Medical Transcription Instructors
Gordon & Grimes;  Recruiting Transcription Students (Urban Version)

Professional Growth
Ellen Drake;  The Master Teacher