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HPI developed a new line of career development products to help you strengthen your skills in specific areas.  They are shorter and less expensive than the other SUM Program units, but they are developed with the same high quality you've come to expect from HPI.

The units in The SUM Program Career Development Series are designed primarily for working transcriptionists, but teachers and advanced students also appreciate them. Each unit in the series includes about 2-3 hours of dictation that is considered "advanced" or "difficult," plus ancillary materials to enhance the learning experience. 

Download the Table of Contents for all five Career Development Series units.



Interpreting Acute Care Dictation #1

Acute Care Dictation    

49 reports
3 hours of dictation
Discharge Summaries, H&Ps, Consults, Emergency Reports, HBO Reports
Articles on editing, research, abbreviations, slang & jargon, managing risks, and QA best practices
Guidelines from industry experts
Quick-reference list of medical phrases used in the dictation

Read more        Acute Care #1 Table of Contents



Interpreting Acute Care Dictation #2

Acute Care Dictation #2    

Operative reports
44 reports
3 hours of dictation
77 pages of Articles, Tips, Guidelines, and Q&As on Transcribing Surgery Reports
Quick-reference list of medical phrases used in the dictation
Prior-approved by AHDI for CECs

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Interpreting Anatomic Pathology Dictation

Anatomic Pathology Dictation    

3 hours of dictation
9 specialties
95 reports (52 micro, 29 gross, 14 pathology tests)
Accurate transcripts
5 articles (42 pages)
6 quizzes (165 questions)
Path glossary with definitions
Laboratory/Pathology Words & Phrases

Read more        Pathology Table of Contents



Interpereting ESL Medical Dictation

English as a Second Language - MT dictation    

 2 hours of dictation
38 reports
Accurate transcripts
15 medical specialties
Dictators from Asia, Middle East, Latin America
41 pages of guidelines, tips, speech patterns of foreign dictators

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Interpreting Radiology and Imaging Dictation

Radiology Dictation    

2 1/2 hours of dictation
119 reports (plain, contrast, ultrasound, CT, MRI, nuclear imaging)
Accurate transcript
Articles on imaging
Transcription guidelines
Exercises, quiz, puzzle
Radiology/Imaging Words and Phrases

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