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Interpreting Acute Care Dictation 2

Continuing Education for medical transcriptionists

Acute Care Dictation 



Operative Reports
3 hours of dictation
44 reports
77 pages of Articles, Tips
    Guidelines, and Q&As on
    Transcribing Surgery Reports
Quick-Reference List
Up to 10 CECs from AHDI

System Requirements     Table of Contents

Interpreting Acute Care Dictation #2 focuses on operations!

The CD includes these features:
  • 3 hours of real acute care dictation about real patients (no script-read dictation)
  • 44 reports
  • Transcript answer keys to compare with your own transcript
  • Original articles on editing, research, abbreviations, slang & jargon, managing risks, and QA best practices.
  • Guidelines from industry experts for transcribing acute care dictation.
  • A quick-reference list of medical phrases used in the dictation.
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