Now Online: The SUM Program for Medical Transcription Training with Automated Grading

HPI has partnered with The Schwegler Group to offer SUM Program dictations to schools online! This eliminates the hassle of lost and damaged CDs, shipping delays, missing transcripts, heavy briefcases, and the need for a transcription lab.  It also enables each teacher to handle more students, and provides the student with a real-life work flow experience.

Here is how it works:

  • All SUM Program audio files, transcript answer keys, and a template for each report reside on our vendor's server.
  • An instructor's module allows the instructor to assign, grade, and track students' progress.
  • Each student is assigned a unique login ID.
  • Instructors assign reports for students to transcribe. These assignments show up in the students' "status screen."
  • If a student is interrupted during a report and needs to log off the system, this report is held in a "transcribing" folder on the system's server to finish later.
  • Students use a USB foot pedal to access the dictation, much as they will when they work for a transcription company.
  • Students can complete their assignments from any PC computer with a high-speed Internet connection.
  • Instructors log on and use the Automated Grading System that compares student transcripts to the transcript answer key. (Because the student transcribes in a template, there are fewer formatting discrepancies.)
  • The instructor assigns error categories with predetermined point values to the marked transcript.
  • The student can view the graded report and can learn from the clearly identified errors and the instructor's feedback.
  • The school pays HPI the regular per-student price for SUM Program content, and also pays the technology vendor a per-student fee.


SUM Program Online - Advantages For Students:

  • Students complete transcription assignments from any PC computer with a high speed Internet connection.
  • Students have a “Status Screen” that tells them the status of each assigned dictation, so there is never confusion about what still needs to be completed.
  • When students are interrupted in the middle of transcribing a dictation, the dictation is held in a “transcribing” status for later completion.
  • Prompt grading and instructor feedback enhances the learning process for the student and makes perpetuating the same errors less likely.
  • Students can print or save copies of their original and graded transcripts for future reference.
  • Students transcribe using "real-world" technology, so they are more job-ready when they complete the program.

SUM Program Online - Advantages For Teachers:

  • Teachers can easily view the students' progress online. This enables them to see which students have completed assignments, which have not, and if there are any falling way behind.
  • No tedious proofreading when using the Automated Grading System!
  • Grading student transcripts is much faster because discrepancies from the answer key are highlighted. 
  • All transcripts are stored electronically, so no lost assignments and no heavy briefcases to carry around.
  • Teachers have greater clarity about student error types and can adapt the curriculum to address weaknesses.


SUM Program Online - Advantages For Schools:

  • No shipping, inventory tracking, or waiting for materials to arrive.
  • Eliminates need for a transcription lab and technical support personnel.
  • Automated grading will enable teachers to help more students.
  • This method of dictation and transcription report delivery is also used by employers, so it provides an on-the-job work flow experience.

Schedule a Demonstration: 

Contact HPI to schedule a free demonstration of MTClient.


Review the SUM Program Dictation Units Pricing document for a summary of costs for SUM Program CDs and for The SUM Program Online with MTClient, as well as the advantages of each delivery method.