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Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures in Medicine

MT educational materials: Textbook in workbook format with exercises at the end of each chapter.



Laboratory Tests is now out of print, but is available electronically!!

A great resource for those studying for credentialing exams.

Laboratory Tests Table of Contents and Sample Chapter

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Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures in Medicine, by John H. Dirckx, M.D., is written in workbook format especially for medical transcriptionists and students.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for details about the content.

Is the electronic book exactly the same as the printed books?
Not quite.  While the content is the same, the layout was changed to be one column wide so that it would be more reader-friendly on computer screens and portable devices.  This means that the page numbers do not always match up with the print version.

How long will it take for me to receive the book?
We do not have instant delivery set up yet, so you will receive delivery of the book within the next business day.

Content:  Laboratory Tests covers diagnostic studies, including imaging (MRI, CT, PET, ultrasound), EEG, EMG, endoscopy, electrophysiology, genetic testing, and more. It also includes the usual laboratory and pathology studies that are important to MTs for understanding what's going on in the report and editing and for risk management, coding, and chart analysis.

Other features include more extensive illustrations, historical sidelights, a glossary, an index, and reference values. Joining Dr. Dirckx's Human Diseases and H&P: A Nonphysician's Guide . . . books, this textbook completes a trilogy of workbooks written especially for the medical transcription profession.

Electronic Delivery. $38.
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