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Vera Pyle's Current Medical Terminology, 11th ed.

An Essential Supplemental Medical Terminology Dictionary for Medical Transcriptionists


Current Medical Terminology Dictionary

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For decades, transcriptionists have had the “silver book” on their desk. Now you can have it on your computer! This medical terminology dictionary is a must-have for all serious transcriptionists.

This is a dictionary of medical terms. It has been updated many times over the years, and is now running in it’s 11th edition.

An Essential Supplemental Medical Dictionary for Transcriptionists

Current Medical Terminology isn't meant to replace your medical terminology dictionary--it is meant to supplement it.  It is a resource designed by transcriptionists, for transcriptionists.

Contains abbreviations needed by transcriptionists: the book has thousands of abbreviations with translations or expansions, and that is unique to this book. Doctors often coin abbreviations and dictate entire paragraphs in abbreviations, and it’s up to the MT to understand the letters well enough (they often sound alike) to expand the abbreviations correctly. That’s a problem since a commonly used abbreviation like CVA can stand for 2 or 3 different things (cerebrovascular accident, costovertebral angle, etc.). The MT has to choose the appropriate expansion in the context of the report, and poorly educated MTs make a lot of mistakes in interpreting the dictation.

Of course, if doctors would not dictate in abbreviations, it would help. But they do and we have to know when to expand them and when to leave them. Like VDRL, for example; we would never expand it; it’s dictated all the time and people would be confused if an MT ever expanded it to Venereal Disease Research Laboratory. It’s one of the few abbreviations that need not be expanded.

Contains Modern Medical Terminology

Vera Pyle’s Current Medical Terminology is a dictionary containing thousands of the newest terms used in medical transcription—words that are not yet added to conventional medical dictionaries.  This is the resource to help transcriptionists reference the most current terminology used in medicine.