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Four Medical Transcription Textbooks in Workbook Format

Medical transcription education: Recommended materials, textbooks and workbooks


These MT textbooks are published in workbook format and are full of exercises that enhance the learning experience!  They are a great help when preparing for credentialing exams, and CMTs and RMTs can earn continuing education credit for completing the exercises in these workbooks.

Bundle of 4 Workbooks

The Medical Transcription Workbook     Buy all 4 workbooks together and save!

Price: $100


Individual Workbooks

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The Medical Transcription Workbook    

The Medical Transcription Workbook

 Price: $40. Print edition now $25 plus shipping while supplies last!


The Medical Transcription Workbook - Electronic Edition (PDF format)

 Price: $25.

Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures    

Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures in Medicine

Price: $38


Human Diseases (Electronic only)

 Price: $36


H&P: A Nonphysician's Guide    

H&P: A Nonphysician's Guide to the Medical History and Physical Examination

Price: $34

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