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The Medical Transcription Workbook, 3rd ed.

MT educational materials: Textbook in workbook format with tons of exercises!


The Medical Transcription Workbook    

This 3rd edition is arranged by medical specialty!

A great help in studying for credentialing exams.

MT Workbook Table of Contents and Sample Chapter

Price: Originally $40. 

(Print edition, $25 plus shipping)

(Electronic edition - PDF format, $25)



The Medical Transcription Workbook is a best seller among medical transcription students and practitioners. The third edition has been thoroughly reformatted for the express purpose of helping both student and practitioner identify, learn, and assess their knowledge of medicine and professional issues. This edition includes the following:

Style and Usage
quick reference section, arranged alphabetically by topic, with hundreds of examples and exercise worksheets.

Clinical Medicine
sections divided into major medical specialties or body systems. Previous sections in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pathophysiology, laboratory, and pharmacology are integrated within each medical specialty. Hundreds of worksheets with matching exercises, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false exercises are included in each section. Answers to the exercises are on a CD in the back of the book.

Professional Issues section with articles on the healthcare record, HIPAA and confidentiality, interpretation and editing of dictation, risk management, quality assurance, electronic resources, health in the workplace, and professionalism.

The readings and exercises also facilitate the preparation, taking, and passing of medical transcription employment and credentialing examinations.  The new arrangement by medical specialty or body system is ideal for study groups and for supplementing textbooks in medical transcription education programs.

MT Workbook Table of Contents and Sample Chapter

ISBN# 0-934385-99-8.  Softcover, published in 2010.  Originally $40; now electronic edition is $25, and print edition is $25 plus shipping.


(Print edition, $25 plus shipping)

(Electronic edition - PDF format, $25)

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