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Human Diseases, 3rd ed.

MT educational materials: Textbook in workbook format written especially for medical transcriptionists.


Human Diseases    

A great resource for those studying for credentialing exams.

Human Diseases Table of Contents and Sample Chapter

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Human Diseases, 3rd edition, contains the latest information on the diseases most commonly encountered in dictation, including causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests, diagnoses, and treatment regimens. Dr. John H. Dirckx's clear writing style and systematic, self-contained topical organization make Human Diseases an ideal and easy to use desk reference on diseases.

Students, teachers, and anyone preparing for credentialing exams will appreciate the enhanced exercise section, including review questions and suggestions for varied and interesting learning activities. Certified Medical Transcriptionists can earn up to 20 prior-approved CE credits from AAMT with this workbook!

New for this edition: A CD with workbook questions in electronic format!  Students can enter their answers on screen and then print out, or they can submit to the teacher electronically.

The book includes:

    * chapter outlines
    * learning objectives
    * labeled illustrations
    * special interest boxes on word origins
    * glossary
    * comprehensive index
    * "Case Study: You’re the Doctor" where practitioners and students are challenged to make medical and ethical judgments from the physician’s perspective.

 Chapters include:

    * The Nature of Disease and Diagnostic Process
    * Genetic Disorders
    * Infectious Diseases
    * The Immune System
    * Neoplasia
    * Trauma and Poisoning
    * Diseases of the Skin
    * Diseases of the Cardiovascular System
    * Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat
    * Diseases of the Respiratory System
    * Diseases of the Digestive System
    * Excretory System, Male Reproductive System, & Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    * Diseases of the Female Reproductive System
    * Pregnancy and Childbirth
    * Disorders of the Metabolism, Nutrition and Endocrine Function
    * Disorders of Blood Cells, Blood-Forming Tissues, and Blood Coagulation
    * Musculoskeletal Disorders
    * Diseases of the Eye
    * Diseases of the Nervous System
    * Mental Disorders  

Human Diseases Table of Contents and Sample Chapter

ISBN: 0-934385-97-1. Softcover, 242 pp., 8½" x 11," 2009. Item Code: HUMD3. $36. 

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