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Interpreting Anatomic Pathology Dictation

Continuing education for medical transcriptionists

Anatomic Pathology Dictation    

3 hours of dictation
9 specialties
95 reports (52 micro, 29 gross, 14 pathology tests)
Accurate transcripts
5 articles (42 pages)
6 quizzes (165 questions)
Path glossary with definitions
Laboratory/Pathology Words & Phrases

Up to 10 CECs from AHDI

System Requirements     Table of Contents

Interpreting Anatomic Pathology Dictation contains almost 3 hours of real pathology dictation with acurate transcripts and ancillary material designed to help transcriptionists improve their skills in this specific area.

The unit includes:
3 hours of dictation in 9 specialties
81 Pathology dictations (52 micro, 29 gross)
14 Pathology test dictations
Accurate transcripts of the above dictations
Electronic, searchable version of Laboratory/Pathology Words and Phrases
Pathology glossary with definitions
Sample reports
Two articles by Dr. Dirckx (23 pages)
    Anatomic Pathology
    Procedures and Practices in Anatomic Pathology
Three articles by Dr. Moormeister (19 pages)
    Autopsy: And the Dead Shall Teach the Living
    Careers in Death Investigation--Is One Right for You?
    What I Learned in the Valley of the Shadow of Death
Six quizzes totaling 165 questions
Guidelines include detailed information on classification, staging, grading

Prior-approved by AHDI for up to 10 CECs (the max allowed from a single activity) as follows:

    7 Clinical Medicine
    2 Medicolegal
    1 Professional Development

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System Requirements