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Interpreting ESL Medical Dictation

Continuing education for medical transcriptionists

English as a Second Language - MT dictation    

 2 hours of dictation
38 reports
Accurate transcripts
15 medical specialties
Dictators from Asia, Middle East, Latin America
41 pages of guidelines, tips, patterns of foreign dictators

Up to 10 CECs from AHDI

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System Requirements

The first unit in The SUM Program Career Development Series addresses the challenge of transcribing foreign dictators.  Called Interpreting ESL Medical Dictation, the unit features two hours of challenging medical dictations from physicians originating from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.  Also included are 41 pages of articles by noted authors which provide helpful information about patterns and dictating styles common among dictators from each region, plus many helpful tips for transcriptionists.  Each article contains workbook-style exercises that can be submitted to AHDI for CEC credit.

Interpreting ESL Medical Dictation features authentic dictation by real physicians about actual patients (with all identifying information deleted) in the medical specialties of cardiology, gastroenterology, general surgery, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics-gynecology, orthopedics, pain management, pediatrics, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine, radiology imaging, rehabilitation, urology, and wound management.

Sample dictations for this unit are available for download. These sample dictations are not used in the actual unit but dictations from the same physicians are used in the unit.  These samples should help you gauge the level of difficulty.

The CD includes the authentic physician dictation and accompanying transcript answer keys plus the 41 pages of ancillary material.  It has all of the new software features incorporated into our revised advanced CDs (see bulleted list below).  The price for the first CD of Interpreting ESL Medical Dictation is $79; each additional CD is $25.

Only $79  

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System Requirements